Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family Follies

We were visiting with my in-laws and this was a conversation with my MIL:

her: "you know Mazy*(MIL sister) is remodeling her bathroom and I told her that she definitely needed to get a new toilet because that thing she has just doesn't work right sometimes. But, I did tell her that if the construction crew could salvage it that WE would take it to put in the shop."

Me: staring, puzzled by what she just said. "Well, Doris* why would want her toilet if it doesn't work right and its old and besides that, its just nasty. You do realize you can buy a simple, modern style toilet at Home Depot for about $50.00 that work just fine, for the shop?!?"

her: "oh well I didn't think of that. I also told her that she could take it to deer camp and replace the men's bathroom toilet because it doesn't work well either. BUT if that one at camp could be salvaged then we would take it for the shop. Whichever one, doesn't matter to us."

Me: even more puzzled, "WHY would you want that toilet at camp? IF IT doesn't work either? You don't want her toilet problems. MUCH less a nasty toilet that a bunch of men and little boys have peed on..." SHIVER

her: "Oh, you have a point. But it could just be the pipes."

Hubby chimes in: "you think so Mom?" chuckle...chuckle...chuckle.
FIL just shakes his head and stays silent in that conversation.

My Mother-in-Law...I love our conversations...even if they do send chills up my spine and a pit to my stomach.

*names changed to protect the innocent.


  1. I just happened upon your blog this morning but OMG and LOL! Horrifying! The thought of and old semi-working toilet for a bunch of guys is really too much to contemplate.

    I'm assuming she's never cleaned up a bathroom after a bunch of men using a fully functioning toilet? I mean, even then... just sayin'